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What To Expect

  • Estimates:   Call for free estimates! We will come and take measurements, pictures as needed, and email you an estimate with labor and material included. Estimates can be provided for an hourly rate or by bidding the entire job.



  • Job Schedule:    We recognize that every job is different and we are willing to change our schedule if it makes sense to help the job progress faster. However, if asked to work nights and weekends it will be at a higher rate than normal.



  • Site Condition:   We recognize that any project will be an inconvenience on your normal routine, and we will do our best to minimize this. We will end every day with the site clean and maintained, and all tools and cords rolled up/stored. 



  • Change Orders:   Any changes to the original bid will typically be charged by “time and materials," unless another estimate and contract is desired/discussed. 






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